we are modern cabin designers. We are site designers. We combine energy efficient systems for a smart design connected to nature.

Landscapes, living spaces and healthy energy together in one holistic composition. welcome to cabin one.

Great cabin design is rooted in a great understanding of the landscape.

Over the past couple decades, James has been working in the design field and realized most of what we see built is imposed on the land rather than influenced by the landscape and the unique space it occupies. Cabin One designs look first to the landscape to inform what the design should be. Our landscape based designs respond to the story the land is telling.

A cabin answers the call of the wild and the environment it lives in, merges function and inspiration and lets you experience the spirit of the place in a comfortable way. A cabin evokes the feeling of getting away from it all and provides the opportunity to be in nature through the connection between the building and the site.

At the heart of Cabin One design services is the expertise for developing Landscapes and Life Spaces into extraordinary compositions